英文過去式用法完整指南:Past Tense 究竟何時用?Past Continuous?Past Perfect?

英文過去式用法完整指南:Past Tense 究竟何時用?Past Continuous?Past Perfect?



在英文學習中,過去式是一個必須掌握的重要語法。過去式分為四種:簡單過去式、過去進行式、過去完成式和過去完成進行式。在這篇文章中,我們將為你詳細介紹這四種過去式的用法和 example sentences,讓你能夠更容易地掌握它們。無論是初學者還是有經驗的英文學習者,都可以從中受益匪淺。

1.Simple Past Tense 過去式

Simple Past Tense(past tense中文過去式) 是用來表達已經發生過的動作或狀態,通常在過去某個具體的時間或時間段內發生。以下是何時使用 Simple Past Tense 的一些情況:

simple past tense用法


當你想要描述過去的經歷、事件或故事時,你會使用 Simple Past Tense。例如:

  • I went to the beach last weekend.
  • She studied English in college.
  • They watched a movie last night.


當你想要表達過去的狀態或情況時,你會使用 Simple Past Tense。例如was + past tense用法

  • I was tired yesterday.
  • She was happy when she got the news.
  • They were busy at work last week.


當你想要表達過去經常發生的動作或習慣時,你會使用 Simple Past Tense。例如:

  • I always walked to school when I was a kid.
  • She drank coffee every morning.
  • They played basketball every weekend.

2.Past Continuous Tense 過去進行式

Past Continuous Tense用法 (過去進行式) 是用來描述過去某一時間正在進行的動作或狀態。它通常由「was/were + v-ing」構成。以下是何時使用過去進行式的一些情況:



  • I was studying when she called me.
  • They were playing soccer at the park yesterday.
  • She was cooking dinner when the guests arrived.



  • I was working on the project all morning.
  • She was writing a letter at that moment.
  • They were discussing the problem when I walked in.



  • It was raining when we left the house.
  • The sun was setting as we drove along the coast.
  • The birds were chirping in the trees as we walked through the park.

3.Past Perfect Tense 過去完成式

Past Perfect Tense (過去完成式) 用來描述在過去某個時間之前已經完成的動作或狀態。它通常由「had + past participle」構成。以下是何時使用過去完成式的一些情況:



  • I had already eaten when she arrived.
  • They had finished their homework before going to bed.
  • He had left the office by the time I arrived.



  • I had visited Paris twice before I turned 30.
  • She had written three novels by the time she was 40.
  • They had won the championship three years in a row.



  • If I had known about the traffic, I would have left earlier.
  • She would have passed the exam if she had studied harder.
  • They could have avoided the mistake if they had checked the details.

4.Past Perfect Continuous Tense 過去完成進行式

Past perfect continuous tense用法: 過去完成進行式用來描述過去某個時間之前一直持續發生的動作,強調動作的長時間和連續性。它通常由「had been + v-ing」構成。以下是何時使用過去完成進行式的一些情況:



  • I had been studying for three hours before taking a break.
  • They had been working on the project for weeks before it was finished.
  • She had been practicing her English for months before taking the test.



  • It had been raining for days before the sun finally came out.
  • They had been living in the city for years before moving to the countryside.
  • She had been working at the company for a long time before getting promoted.



  • She was exhausted because she had been working hard all day.
  • They missed the train because they had been waiting for the bus for too long.
  • He had a cold because he had been swimming in the cold water for too long.

掌握過去式是英文學習中的一個重要部分。無論你是初學者還是有經驗的英文學習者,熟悉四種過去式的用法和 example sentences 都是非常必要的。如果你需要進一步提高你的英文能力,不妨考慮參加英文補習課程,讓你的英文更加流利自然。

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